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Ethiopian Association in the Greater Toronto Area and Surrounding Regions is a non-political, non-profit, independent, community-based organization that is established to reserve and promote the 3000 years of Ethiopian cultural heritage, there by contributing to the cultural Mosaic of Canada . In addition the Ethiopian Community association is engaged in community and youth environment programs that will foster a stronger and vibrant community.


is a non-political, non-profit, independent, community-based organization that provides settlement and social services to people of Ethiopian origin and others since November 1980.

  • International focus – helping , sponsorship

  • Our courses = ESL and computer Class

  • Book Club – reading, exchange books and publications

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Cherishing the rich diversity of our community and unite in the knowledge and understanding of our culture. 


  • to provide educational advancement formalities for children, adults and seniors


  • To provide cultural capacity for youth and adults through entertainment and recreation. 


  • To support our members and ensure that no one in the community feels forsaken.


  • To preserve and promote the Ethiopian cultural heritage through educational, recreational, and cultural activities 
  • Head office:

The head office of the Association shall be at such place in the Greater Toronto Area as the Board may from time to time determine by resolution.

  • Corporate Seal

Until changed in accordance with the Act, the Corporate Seal of the Association shall be in the form of impressed hereon. The Corporate Seal shall be kept at all times at the head office of the Association.

The clear objective for “Ethiopian House” (The Ethiopian house will be a gathering place for everyone in the community. Ethiopian House will be a comfortable, fun, educational, safe, attractive and accessible facility designed for all ages. It would provide a variety of programs throughout the week. These activities designed to create a feeling of belongingness, giving pride to Ethiopians In the greater Toronto area and the surrounding as active participants of the cultural mosaic of Canada.

ECA Toronto would use the facility to provide regular recreational and cultural activities to the use of all ages of school. We will have adult recreational and cultural programs. We will also provide health education and other related services to children and adults.




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