Belated Ruffians

In the name of peace,
Liberty and freedom,
Oh! Belated Ruffians
Unconscionably put your dictator kingdom.
Serious gross negligence and incompetence,
Your party now dissolved
To its virtual non-existence.
When’ll your surfeit just fill,
Unabatedly to end the stand and still?
Peoples suffering, the torture and plights,
In the name of democracy
Unprecedented total abuse of human rights,
With our own eyes, we see.
All our values crumble,
Out of our own possessions, we stumble.
All our dreams crushed
And we curse the whole evil,
Those hopes dashed
Through despair and the devil.
Oh! Belated Ruffians
Unto you have no truth nor judgment,
Oh! Belated Ruffians
Strived to kill and torment,
Inconsistent principles and minority rules
Insolent destroyers and absolute defiant.
Ethnic obsessed with selfish motives
Your disregard to equality and fraternity,
Shameful collapse of society’s dignity.
That’d be the time
To the end of stagnation,
Freedom, freedom, alas,
Shall finally triumph for the good nation!
Alemayehu Asfaw